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WMDevices a écrit:
Well since you brought it up.... There is an MKII version of the Phase Displacement Oscillator coming soon. I wasn't planning on doing an official release until I started the run here at the factory. But it's very close to being started, and should be available inn 2-4 weeks.

The design now consists of 9 knobs instead of 11. Bipolar attenuators for linear and expo FM were removed to save space. They were replaced by a single FM jack and slide switch for Linear/Expo FM. These were the least used functions of the PDO, so they were scaled down a bit.

On the Phase Modulation inputs, the bipolar attenuators were replaced with unipolar attenuators and an invert switch. This is so that true 0 amplitude is easier to reach.

There is also a new 3-position slide switch for each PM input. It selects between the Phase CV jack, the modulation connection (TBVCA) or both. This eliminates the normal through the jacks of the TBVCA and lets you use multiple CV signals for phase modulation without external mixers.

The PhaseCV234 jack is a global phase input that affects each PM operator equally. It can be inverted with the INV switch per channel.

Outputs are very similar to the original. There is now a SUM output that all outputs are always summed to, and a SUM Normaled output that sums the outputs that do not have cables plugged into them.

The 1V/Oct calibration was moved to the front panel for ease of access, though it shouldn't need touching for a very long time.

Other changes include slightly more precise (lower DC offset and lower noise) opamps for the phase modulation calculations. Lower power consumption and it is now a shallower (single PCB) design, instead of stacked boards.

It still couples with the TBVCA and QAAF in the same manner as the original. Headers have been moved a bit to make it easier to attach them.

One more thing. There will be an inexpensive upgrade path for original PDOs to the MKII version. For USD $50, we will take in your original PDO, and return the MKII version to you. Differences between the upgrade path and the new MKII is that the power consumption will remain the same as for the original PDO (+130 mA), and it won't be as thin, as we remove the back board from yours and install it on a stripped down main MKII PCB. Also, no 1V/oct trim on the front panel.

The retail price will remain at $449 USD. 16 HP.

Post any questions here, I'll check this thread often.

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Super service après vente au passage !

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Mmmm sexy!

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Carrément ! Mon prochain VCO je pense cheers.

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Cool, ça tombe bien, j'envisageais de prendre un PDO.

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