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descriptionsynt tech E102

J'ai beau lire, je ne capte pas à quoi ça sert  Se gratte la tête 

descriptionRe: synt tech E102

post de Paul Screiber

This is a delay for CVs. Since the CVs are digitized and stored in memory, as long as you have power you can delay them as long as you like. It all depends on the clock speed, but there is no lower limit. You can clock it once a year.

If you know what a S&H (sample and hold) is, this is 4 of them in series with added time delay (which is under CV control) in-between them IF you want it.

The general term is an ASR (Analog Shift Register) which is the original Serge module name.

You can also clock it really fast to purposely get short delays, which also means you can delay things like envelopes and LFOs. There will be a tradeoff of the delay time versus the 'step size' of the output.
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