Quelques lamas, sur la cordillère des ondes
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 Mannequins - Mangrove

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Lama-mia !

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MessageSujet: Mannequins - Mangrove   Mer 7 Jan - 3:22

Une nouvelle marque semble-t-il présente un nouveau module:
le Mangrove de chez Mannequins
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Mangrove holds the essence of an instrument in the form of an oscillator. Sounds are defined not only by pitch but by spectra. As the earth shakes under foot, a whistle blows on the wind.

FORMANT represents the timbral structure of the instrument, defined independent of its pitch. Waves shift across the range, bringing to life a series of undertones. There is quicksand between these divisions – tiny moments of uncertainty – where multiphonics reside. These underbranches fold melodies onto themselves far down into microtones.

Frequency modulation feels altogether different, with a pair making the most corporeal of complex oscillators. With integral FM indexing, a cross-modulated duo will unleash a snarling Bunyip. With SYNChronicity they will sing the same tongue through their own voice. Self-patched tones open another box of uncertainty. Divided FORMANTS to control frequency; shapeless SQUARES modulating AIR pressure.

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Grand lama

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MessageSujet: Re: Mannequins - Mangrove   Mer 7 Jan - 5:35

Bordel ! I love you
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Mannequins - Mangrove
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