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descriptionADDA C701 & 503

Announcing the ADDAC701 VCO and the ADDAC503 Marble Physics.

Je ne fais qu'un copier coller des news addac:

We are proud to announce two great additions to our product line: our uber fat analog VCO ADDAC701 and the imaginative ADDAC503 CV generator.
The ADDAC701 VCO is our first fully analog sound generator. It is based on the incredible design of the Mammoth oscillator and it promises to deliver high quality for both audio and control purposes. This module was originally conceived by our friend Kazike at Club of the Knobs, to whom we'd like to thank for his precious support in this awesome collaboration.

The ADDAC503 is a great digital control generator, which will have you creating magnificent and innovative synthesis based on newtonian physics. It simulates the physical behavior of a sphere submitted to gravity and acts very much like a marble on a board. We sure are having a lot of fun with this toy!

We've also updated our ADDAC200 Multiples, the ADDAC502B Lissajous Gate Expansion and the ADDAC205B Gate Inputs for our oscilloscope.

We hope you enjoy these great new products and remember: we're always here to help you with your creative endeavors!

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Tout les jours il y a des news modules en eurorack, c'est à devenir fou... Rolling Eyes

descriptionRe: ADDA C701 & 503

ça a l'air bien tout ça...

J'ai pas trop compris ce que faisait le rouge mais bon.... Laughing

tellement de module que j'ai gelé mes achats depuis deux mois, histoire d'y voir clair... et espérer des occaz qui n'arrivent pas...

descriptionRe: ADDA C701 & 503

Une vidéo pour le marble physics:
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descriptionRe: ADDA C701 & 503

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